Individually mouldable surgical targeting system

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rau |


A Cochlear Measurement Tool

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rau |


Electrode Development: Shape-Memory Alloys (SMA) for functionalisation of medical implants

Contact: Nuha Suzaly |

Hearing4all 2.0 - Intraoperative Insertion Force Measurement

Design & test of a tool for intraoperative measurement of insertion forces during insertion of a CI electrode array into the Cochlea

Contact: Silke Hügl |

Finished Projects

  • RoboJig
    Minimally-invasive CI-surgery

  • AkvaMed
    Fluid-mechanical, compliant actuator for the active bending of an CI electrode carrier

  • EMS @ Hearing4all 1.0
    Electromechanical Stimulation of the Cochlea

  • Mini-Hexapod
    Surgical Approach: Minimally invasive Cochlear Implant Surgery

  • GentleCI
    Electrode Development: laser-sintering of nickel-titanium (nitinol) actuators for cochlear implants

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